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HOW TO VOTE FOR BOBBY SEALE: To Vote For BOBBY SEALE, Stamp A Mark (-) In The Voting Square To The Right Of His Name. A Ballot Marker Will Be Given To You At Your Polling Place.

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Once again, within less than a month, Oakland residents are being given the opportunity to make history. On April 17th, Bobby Seale shocked most of the city and all the nation by decisively defeating a field of seven mayoral candidates and forcing the incumbent, Mayor John Reading, into a run-off.

On Tuesday, May 15th, Oakland residents have the choice of consolidating the April 17th people's victory, or tossing it to the wind. With Watergate and Nixon in the air all about us, this is no time for dallying with a proven people's victory.

Those who have contributed their efforts, abilities, their time and their money to the Bobby Seale People's Campaign, have done so out of a conviction that it IS possible to make democracy work; that politics does NOT have to be dirty; that the people DO care, and, given the opportunity, will let their voice be heard, make their vote count.

The results of the April 17th election proved them right. Those results, however, contained a great disappointment. They revealed that an estimated 50,000 Black and Spanish speaking registered voters of Oakland did not even bother to cast their votes.

We are convinced that first among the several reasons this 50,000 souls did not vote was the belief that Bobby could not win and that there was no one else worth voting for. If this is true, it means that this sizeable block of Oakland voters are overwhelmingly Bobby Seale supports who allowed themselves to be taken in by the Prophets of Doom.

We predicted in this space that these "prophets" would be proven wrong. That they were proven wrong, with 50,000 Black and Spanish speaking registered voters remaining home on April 17th, should convince the worse sceptic that Bobby Seale CAN win on May 15th.

Since April 17th, Bobby Seale, Elaine Brown and a greatly enlarged army of campaign workers have concentrated their efforts throughout Oakland in reaching these 50,000 people for a face-to-face discussion of the issues and their solutions.

If the Black and oppressed community of Oakland allows the opportunity to gain a voice in the reigns of government in Oakland to slip by, the blame will lay heavily on its own shoulders. Your vote may make the difference. Before doing anything else on Tuesday, vote to elect Bobby Seale Mayor of Oakland.

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Every registered voter is eligible to vote on May 15th. If you voted on April 17th you are automatically eligible to vote on May 15th. If you voted in the November, 1972, elections you are eligible to vote May 15th. Go to the same polling station you used in November.

Every registered voter should receive a sample ballot through the mail indicating where to vote. If you did not receive a sample ballot, call the number below at any time day or night for information on where to vote.

If you are a newly registered voter your name should be on the rolls at your polling station. You should take with you the pink sheet you were given by the Deputy Voter Registrar when you registered. However, the pink sheet is not required in order to vote. It must only be shown if your name is not on the rolls.


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Watergating plagues US

May 2nd, 1972, is never mentioned in connection with the Watergate scandal. Yet, it is the crucial date. J. Edgar Hoover, long-time Czar of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, died on that date. The friend Nixon called "a legend in his time" had been the country's number 1 cop through the administrations of eight Presidents over a period of 48 years.

The death of Hoover was sudden, unexpected and unprepared for. His death left the monster that had been created under his direction up for grabs. That monster has become the largest, most modern and most efficient spying operation in the world. It puts ALL the dirt on every official at the finger tips of the man who controls it. Watergate represents the bungling in-fighting of the puppets of this country's ruling elite for control of this monster.

While the country's crime statistics steadily rose over this past half century, the people's freedoms were as steadily whittled away. And, the Nixon "legend", the country's top "crimebuster", rose to unassailable power. The Black Panther Party has had first hand experience with Hoover's monster. So has every genuine people's movement in America since the first term of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The issue is not how high UP Watergate goes. The issue is how far DOWN watergating goes. The bug on our telephones, and yours, is the issue; that gigantic computerized bank of information in FBI files on the tens of millions of John and Mary Does who dared to exercise their right to speak out or act in the people's interests.

Watergate is nothing new. It's an old practice coming to the light of day and the American people know this; particularly those of us who are its most persistent victims. The rest want so vehemently to believe that it is not happening to them, that it can't happen to them, that they make themselves disbelievers. The treatment of Watergate by the mass media encourages this national self-deception.

We refuse to be deceived. We sympathize with those who got caught in the act, the executors who were merely carrying out orders from above. Why should they be made the scapegoats? If all the executors all the way up the pyramid refused to be scapegoats, then perhaps we would really get to the actual culprits.

Watergating will continue in this country as long as people's power is a mere fiction. Not until actual people's power is won will watergating cease.

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That is what Bobby Seale's campaign for Mayor of Oakland is about. Incumbent Mayor John Reading's open industry/banking alignments, his consistent and unqualified support for Nixon and his lone vote cast in the Oakland City Council against the Seale/Brown Anti-Secrecy in Government ordinance, place him on the side of the Watergate defenders.

His opponent, our candidate, Bobby Seale, stands on the side of the people's defenders. To begin to bring an end to watergating throughout this land, vote for Bobby Seale on May 15th and build genuine people's movements towards People's Power across the land.


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The Community Committee to Elect Bobby Seale Mayor of Oakland moved the whirlwind campaign even closer to the day of People's Victory by increasing the number of precinct workers canvassing the community in a final thrust toward May 15th. All efforts are geared towards reaching at least 50,000 people who did not vote on April 17th and convincing each one to vote for Bobby Seale on May 15th.

This goal is being accomplished by nearly 400 precinct workers who canvass house to house on a daily basis in individual precincts explaining Bobby's program to the registered Democrats in that precinct. While in the precincts, the organizers conduct a poll on the response and support Bobby has in the community. At present, 66% of all the people questioned say that they will come out and vote for the people's representative, Bobby Seale. The result of hard work by a dedicated crew of workers is outstanding. So far nearly 40,000 people in Oakland have talked to a precinct worker.

Two large meetings of the campaign precinct workers were held this past Saturday. At both Bobby discussed with the workers their precinct work, emphasizing the correct methods to be used. At the first meeting, held at Grove Street Community College, over 100 campaign workers from North and West Oakland met in the school's large gymnasium. Though most were young men and women, all age groups were represented; there were Blacks, Whites, and Mexican-Americans there. Bobby conducted a question-and-answer session during which ideas were exchanged on problems incurred while doing precinct work. One of the problems was the fact that at many houses visited no one was home. Bobby stressed the

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importance of trying to spend as much time as possible precincting in the evening after people have returned from work or school.

At the second meeting precinct workers from East Oakland crowded in the large meeting room at Allen Temple Church. Again the ages and races varied considerably. Ideas on different and creative methods of approaching and convincing people of the necessity of getting out to vote for Bobby Seale were examined.

Bobby spoke of special problems that would have to be handled on May 15th. That is the day of the month that persons who are welfare recipients receive their checks. Transportation will be provided for these recipients, from places where they cash their checks to the polls, and then to wherever they must go.

Earlier that week Bobby had attended two large rallies in support of his candidacy at the University of California in Berkeley and at Grove Street College. On Monday, a crowd of over 1,000 students assembled in the bright sunshine at the expansive Sproul Plaza on the University of California campus in Berkeley which borders Oakland, to listen to Bobby speak.

Explaining why Berkeley students should support his Oakland campaign, Bobby said the outcome of the race in Oakland can influence the course of events throughout America and the world. Many students there volunteered to work in the campaign. While leaving the Plaza this reporter asked a student whether she planned to help out in the campaign. She looked affronted and said, "Of course I am. This is the best thing I've seen happen since I've been here."

The following day a similar rally was held at the Grove Street College where several hundred students came out to hear Bobby Seale and respond to questioning. Many students on the Grove Street campus are already working in the campaign, and many more signed up after the rally.

Bobby was also active during the week, doing precinct work, riding the buses in the morning, going to laundramats and other places where the people gather, to talk with them. The people now show even more enthusiasm than before the primary. Typical responses are: "I voted for you last time, and I'll vote for you again"; "People are going to come out more this time, because now it's just you and Reading."

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A message of support from Coretta Scott King, widow of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., provided a resounding chord of solidarity and unity around Bobby Seale's campaign to become Mayor of Oakland as his May 15th, run-off election with conservative incumbent John Reading rapidly approaches. Mrs. King's endorsement tops the growing list of individual and organizational endorsements.

They include such well known individuals as Andrew Young, recently elected Black representative from Georgia and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Black actor Ossie Davis, Willie Brown, California State Assemblyman from Los Angeles and Mervyn Dymally, State Senator from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The National Black Assembly and the Comite Popular, a progressive alliance of Chicano people, are among organizations recently endorsing Bobby Seale. Radio station KDIA, largest Black-oriented station in the Bay Area, has announced its endorsement of Bobby Seale and is presently playing their endorsement across the airwaves six times daily.

These new pledges of support are added to the already announced endorsements of a number of Black political leaders. These include Rep. Ron Dellums (D.-Calif.), Jesse Jackson, president of P.U.S.H. (People United To Save Humanity) and Lloyd A. Barbee, Wisconsin State Assemblyman from Milwaukee's predominately Black 5th Ward.

Just this past week Bobby met with Cesar Chavez, the courageous and highly respected Director of the United Farm Workers Union, in a widely publicized and warm display of solidarity and support at Oakland's Grove Street College. (See article page 5)

Actor - Director Ossie Davis' endorsement comes as an added plus for the People's Campaign. Black actor and director Max Julien, prominent blues singer John Lee Hooker, Jazzman Joel Dorham and Jimmy

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Ward, popular local proprietor of the Lamp Post Bar and Grill in downtown Oakland, have already given their support.

Individual endorsement of Brother Bobby's drive towards the Mayor's seat include prominent Oakland ministers Rev. Frank Pinkard, Rev. J. Alfred Smith, Rev. M.L. Simmons, Rev. Faust and Rev. Haasel as well as long time supporters Joseph Fields, owner of Joe-Nels Liquor Store in East Oakland and Fred Elder, manager of Foreman and Clark Clothing Store in downtown Oakland.

Organizations recently endorsing the People's Candidate include, the C.B.S. (Columbia Gardens, Brookfield and Sobrante Park) Democratic Club, the San Francisco Council of Democratic Clubs, Parishioners United for Political Action and the Northern California Federation of Young Democrats. The National Black Assembly's endorsement comes following their spring convention in Detroit and at the urging of the local California State Caucus of the Black Assembly. Other organizational endorsements have included the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)- Oakland Branch; the S.F. Black Caucus and the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club, the only gay Democratic club in the country.

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Campaign Offices Near You: 493-62nd Street
4421 Grove Street

5229 East 14th Street
8129 MacArthur Blvd.

601-98th Avenue
1524-29th Avenue

2100 Market

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The April 17th Oakland municipal election has placed the people's candidate Bobby Seale in the run-off position against the Republican incumbent, John Reading, for the office of Mayor. The final election is to take place on May 15th. During the campaign, other candidates attempted, through slanderous remarks and scare tactics, to discredit Bobby and frighten voters against voting for him.

In their unjust attacks, however, they did not include the program Bobby Seale and Elaine Brown had formulated. They could not. The Seale/Brown 14 Point Plan to Rebuild Oakland could not be undermined. It was this program that the people voted for when they placed a mark on the ballot beside Bobby Seale's name.

The first part of the Seale/Brown Program, the 7-point Revenue Raising Plan, when combined with Oakland's $4.5 million in annual revenue sharing funds, would add $22 million yearly to the city without having to raise homeowner property taxes over the next four years. The 7-Point Revenue Raising Plan consists of:

(1) A 5% capital gains tax on the transfer of income property and property of large corporations. This progressive measure would tap the profits large business receive from their sale or transfer. $4.5 million can be raised in this way.

(2) Reinvestment of the city budget reserves and fund balances in banks that pay at least 6% interest rather than the 5% the city now collects. The $20 million now known to be held in this way equals an additional $200,000 if reinvested.

(3) A 1% tax on intangible stocks and bonds. This minimal tax, with a basic $7,000 exemption across the board, adds $10.5 million to available city funds.

(4) An increase of fees at the two city-owned golf courses by 50%, which would add up to $250,000 yearly.

(5) An increase in the rental fees paid by the Oakland Coliseum owners (who certainly can afford it) to cover the $750,000 in construction bonds the Reading administration is currently paying.

(6) A residency requirement for Oakland police and firemen, 70% of whom currently live outside of Oakland. This would bring over $15 million back into the general economy of the city, and approximately $1 million into the city budget itself.

(7) A tax placed on so-called "public utilities", like Southern Pacific Railroad and others, which would bring at least $500,000 annually, depending on the tax rate imposed.

What all this amounts to is that $17.7 million in Revenue Raising funds, when combined with Oakland's $4.5 million in revenue sharing monies, equals a total of $22.2 million -- over 1/4 of the present city budget. These funds would be directly accessible for use in meeting pressing community and city needs. In fact, the other half of the Seale/Brown 14 Point Plan to Rebuild Oakland would use the funds obtained from revenue raising to implement and develop major community programs, along with financing certain vital city service.


These are:

1. Street Lighting and Street Repair

2. Environmental and Consumer Protection

3. Preventative Medical Health Care

4. Child Care

5. S.A.F.E. (Seniors Against A Fearful Environment) - A program to protect Oakland's elderly against muggings

6. Housing Rehabilitation

7. Education Improvement

Bobby's plans for the people of Oakland also include an Economic Development Project, the construction of a Multi-Ethnic International Cultural and Trade Center, which would be community-owned and operated. The center will include a variety of stores and shops, permanent and temporary exhibition halls and areas, restaurants, theaters and movie houses, an auditorium and conference areas, outdoor plaza areas for relaxation and fun and an interantional hotel.

Bobby and Elaine's program can not be attacked; no other candidate has formulated anything similar to it. It was this program that the people of Oakland voted for on April 17th. It is this same People's Program that the voters will endorse on May 15th, by placing Bobby Seale in the Mayor's seat in Oakland, California.

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The nationwide work strike and boycott of table grapes called by Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) has begun. The strike and boycott was instituted in answer to the racist collusion of the Teamsters Union and agricultural growers in their efforts to destroy the farm-workers' movement.

The Teamsters Union has signed "Sweetheart contracts" with the agricultural growers. This means that when the UFW sought to bring adequate and meaningful representation to farmworkers, the Teamsters Union stepped in as a third force, acting as an agent for agribusiness, and after using methods such as coercion, brutality and lies, they signed contracts with the growers "in the name of" the farmworkers.

Many grape growers, holding UFW contracts that had expired, would not renew their contracts with the union. Instead, they actively encouraged the Teamsters to invade their fields and terrorize farmworkers. The growers would then say that UFW contracts could not be renewed because the farmworkers preferred Teamster Union affiliation.

Even before the present circumstances, the UFW waged a bitter struggle against the grape growers and the Teamsters Union. In 1965, wages in the table grape industry were a meager $1.00 an hour. Farmworker's had no protection or benefits at all. Cesar Chavez, Director of the UFW, led a five year strike and boycott against these conditions.

On July 29, 1970, after five years of intensive struggle the largest table grape growers signed UFW contracts. In those contracts the UFW won wage increases and vast improvements in working conditions for farmworkers.

Now, however, in 1973, the agricultural growers are reneging and the Teamsters are up to their old racist tricks. The UFW had no choice left open to it except to renew the grape boycott and strike. Cesar Chavez has made it quite clear that this nationwide grape boycott and strike will continue for as long as it takes to defeat the growers-Teamsters maneuvers.

MAY 15th

It will not be easy. Already, Teamsters goons, reportedly receiving $67 a day to harass and intimidate striking farmworkers, are being brought to the grape fields from big cities. Just a few weeks ago over 278 strikers have been arrested by police. Hired thugs have tried to provoke strikers while "law officials" stood by and watched.

Although this new grape boycott and strike will be difficult to maintain, the UFW has proven that it is more than equal to the challenge. Far from fighting alone, the UFW and the farmworkers are receiving massive support. Bill Kircner, National Director of Organization for the AFL-CIO has promised the total support of the powerful 13 million members of the National Labor Federation. The International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, which has a history of struggle against the Teamsters Union itself, has also voiced support for the UFW.

Cesar Chavez has called for a federal investigation into the grower-Teamster conspiracy to destroy the Union. He also sent letters to growers, challenging them to hold fair, secret ballot elections. If the growers refuse, it will prove they are trying to force farmworkers into a union they don't want. If they agree, they will lose just the same.

-- 5 --


United Farm Workers leader Cesar Chavez pledged last week to send into Oakland a group of his area Union members to assist Bobby Seale's campaign for Mayor. The respected leader of the predominantly Mexican-American farm workers reaffirmed his support for Bobby's candidacy during a meeting with the People's Candidate, last Wednesday at Grove Street Community College in North Oakland. Brother Chavez was in Oakland speaking at several colleges about the new grape boycott the farm workers had recently launched and the overall plight of the Mexican-American people.

After Cesar spoke the two advocates of people's rights met in the larger conference room and discussed Bobby's campaign for Mayor as a crowd of their supporters and the press gathered around. Cesar asked Bobby about the progress of the campaign, what problems he was encountering and how well the process of organizing the community was going. In turn, Bobby asked Brother Chavez about the progress of the grape and lettuce boycott and the boycott of Safeway Food Stores. Though using different tactics to serve their people, both understood the undeniable bond of their struggles. Soon after their conversation the two leaders were filmed for a TV endorsement spot for the campaign.

A teacher at the Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley requested that Bobby and Cesar come outside to meet and talk to her class. She had brought students to the school to hear Brother Chavez. The two people's leaders went outside and shook hands with each child as they shyly passed by. Cesar warmly reminded the young group not to eat grapes or lettuce, and told of the Farm Workers Union's support of Bobby.

As he was leaving, Cesar pledged that a group of Bay Area Union members would come to Oakland to aid the campaign committee during the last few days before the May 15th run-off. Bobby asked Cesar how he and his campaign workers could aid the union's boycott. He replied, "The most important thing you can do now is to channel all of your forces into the campaign and win the election for all of us."

-- 6 --


(New Orleans, La.) - Repression continues to mount at predominately Black Southern University as Louisiana state and college officials conspire with the government's mass media to hide current activities. Southern U's New Orleans campus is the scene of vehementstudent opposition to a proposed merger of the New Orleans campus with largely white Louisiana State University. Also, the New Orleans campus is the home of a tripled security guard force, heavily placed at the administrative building and in administrative offices. Student leaders are threatened, harassed, and constantly followed while on campus.

Meanwhile, totalitarian type measures including South African style card carrying practices are the order of the day at Southern's Baton Rouge campus, cite of the November 16th State Police murders of two unarmed Black students. After signing a loyalty oath to the school, students are required to present two identification cards, one issued since November 16th, before gaining entrance to the campus.

The Black Panther Party's New Orleans Chapter, interviewing some of the New Orleans campus students, noted the students' outrage at the proposed merger with LSU. "Impossible!" remarked one brother, "I don't think the students will let them merge." Another brother volunteered, "There is a unique service that the predominantely Black schools serve to the kids coming out of high school."

"I am totally against it. We provide services to the Black community that could not be gotten from LSU, a merger would promote more white oriented values", said one sister. "It's unwise," a brother explained, "White people aren't ready realistically to face the problems of Black people. Black people are really becoming aware of their problems and they want to assume responsibility for their problems. They want to be able to control their own community. They want to be able to develop leadership. There will be too much opposition at LSU to the kinds of things needed in the Black community."

A statement by Southern U's Black Student Union speaks for the Black students concerning the merger and education:

"Change is inevitable but this does not mean all change is for the benefit of the entire society, it can be constructive or destructive. The change forseen for predominately Black SUNO (Southern U at New Orleans) in the way of merger with white LSU (Louisiana State U., New Orleans) is a form of destructive change to Black institutions of higher learning.

"One may ask, what exactly is a Black institution of higher learning? This writer feels that it is any, not necessarily Southern University or college, whose primary goal is to educate to free not only the body from poverty through jobs, but the minds of the students. For what good is a free body if the mind is imprisoned. In other words, education should be a process of learning to think for one self. This will ultimately be beneficial for all.

"White institutions are not geared to this goal. Their aim is to send many young productive minds into capitalistic society, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I am against the way it is presently operated in this country to benefit a select few. Through sincere Blacks, Black institutions are making attempts to get away from this line of thinking. It is up to us to see that the goal is reached - education of the young for the betterment of all.

"There are many questions that have yet to be answered for the public by the advocates of the merger. Where will be approximately 3,000 students of SUNO be placed if the merger does occur? SUNO is presently overcrowded, how can the campus accomodate any more students? If the student campus is to be used to accomodate students already in attendance there, would this not be exactly what occurs now, separate but equal, which initially opened SUNO almost 15 years ago? Now that it has begun to show potential as a relevant institution for Blacks, is its operation to be terminated? What cultural considerations will Blacks receive in the planning of extra-curricular and social activities of the school?

-- 6 --


(Atlanta, Georgia) - The Afro-American Patrolman's League headed a group of Atlanta Blacks in filing suit against the Atlanta Police Department. The League is seeking an end to discriminatory hiring practices and $20 million in damages for Black people. Following two slayings of young Blacks by White policemen and the exposure of one as a murder, the class action suit asked for a Federal court injunction. The plaintiffs asked that:

All federal funds to the Atlanta Police Department (APD) he halted, including $4 million in federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) funds until discrimination in APD hiring is ended.

Any employment practice that allows or mandates racial discrimination be immediately changed. All hiring of new police officers be held up until a review of any Black applicants for the last five years is made by an unbiased judging body.

Black officers, long employed at larger paying, lower rank positions, be promoted on the basis of seniority.

$20 million be awarded to the Black citizens of Atlanta who have suffered at the hands of APD's abuses for so long.

Although well over half of Atlanta's population is Black, less than a quarter, 22% of the city's policemen are Black. Discriminatory exams and racist police training division instructors eliminate most of the qualified applicants. Once on the force, Black policemen are still patrolmen long after their White colleagues are promoted. Affiliation with any civil rights organization is grounds for an automatic denial of promotion.

The suit was filed against Atlanta police chief John Inman and Mayor Sam Massell as well as the Board of Aldermen, the LEAA and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Nixon appointee, George Shultz. Other high - ranking police department and city personnel board officials were also named.

Mounting protests, increased community awareness and unity, and this suit, resulted from efforts vanguarded by the Afro-American Patrolman's

-- 14 --
League when Black Homocide Detective Brother Louis Graham discovered and exposed the murder of Brother Hubert Comer by a White policeman.

The policeman, Patrolman J. K. Ragland, shot through his own foot as he karate kicked Brother Comer while shooting him twice. After this, his fellow patrolmen, Ernest Bolden and W.R. Ball, along with Sergeant S.P. Yerta, assisted Patrolman J.R. Beane in planting Beane's knife on Brother Comer's dead body to cover up the slaying. Ragland's official report claimed that he shot in self defense as Comer suddenly rushed him with the knife.

Detective Graham, driven by a deep suspicion that there was more to it than the official reports account, uncovered the crime. Ragland broke down and admitted the truth. All five white officers were dropped from the force.

Chief Inman immediately announced that the department's Internal Investigation Division dug up the truth, not Graham, "contrary to public opinion". He then suspended Brother Graham from the A.P.D. The aldermanic police committee reinstated Brother Graham, but the homicide detective was demoted and assigned to jail duty. The Black community awaits what becomes of Brother Graham, the five killers pending court appeal, and the Black officer's suit.

-- 7 --


(Marin, California) - The reconvictions here of Earl Gibson and Larry Justice for assault and murder are clear-cut examples of the inadequacies of American courts. Tried for the murder of a San Quentin prison guard and the stabbing of an inmate who is known to be a notorious liar, a "snitch", throughout the California prison system, Justice and Gibson, both highly respected, leading political activists at San Quentin will probably receive life sentences.

An examination of the evidence as outlined to THE BLACK PANTHER by the defense lawyer, Marvin Stender, will illustrate this point.

By interviewing the jurors after the guilty verdict was in, it was clear that they were incapable of their responsibility, Stender said. Eleven Whites and one Chicano listened to testimony from 72 witnesses, 3 for the prosecution, the rest for the defense.

The prosecution's star witness, Herman Johnson, was the center of attention. Hated throughout the prison system for testifying against the "Soledad Seven", Johnson knew almost no other inmates because they shunned and ignored him. When he was stabbed in the presence of hundreds of other prisoners in the prison yard, he could not identify his attackers. He didn't know any other prison inmates and had no way of identifying which of the 2,800 inmates in Quentin had stabbed him. Several guards testified before the court that this was what Johnson had said at the time.

Two days later, as he lay recovering from his wound, a guard stationed at the door of his cell for his protection was stabbed to death. It was assumed that whoever attacked Johnson the first time had come back to finish the job and the guard was killed when he got in the way.

The state needed scapegoats to pay for this. Larry Justice and Earl Gibson were picked. The Adult Authority's representatives spread the word on the prison grapevine that they were looking for a "snitch" to give them an excuse to prosecute. Herman Johnson, Charles Johnson and Evan Kranjilick stepped forward to offer their testimony in return for paroles.

Herman Johnson who'd been denied parole following the Soledad Seven case because the lack of evidence in that trial required the charges be dismissed, suddenly "realized and remembered" who had attacked him. Herman Johnson received his parole five days after the guard's death, as soon as he was well enough to leave. Charles Johnson got out on parole shortly after the grand jury hearing despite a parole denial a few months before. Evan Kranjilick had to remain, he had not served long enough. The California Adult Authority was not about to allow Evan, who'd killed his own mother, out so soon.

Bloody fingerprints found on a window pane were not Larry's or Earl's. The knife used in the murder was found with fingerprints left in wet blood which matched neither Larry's nor Earl's. Bloody clothing found at the scene didn't fit Larry or Earl. Testimony of guards, prison doctors, nurses and other prison staff all indicated that it was unlikely or impossible that Justice and Gibson were guilty.

Herman Johnson testified that the bloody knife was thrown from a fourth floor window. Even the prosecuting attorney conceded that it was impossible for this to have happened considering the position in which the knife was found. Johnson also stated that bloody paper towels were thrown into a garbage can by Larry and were later found by a guard. The guard testified that he found nothing. The three prosecution witnesses testified to things that were clearly impossible.

The jury explained that may be these three witnesses were "confused", and convicted Justice and Gibson anyway.

The jury was, as defense attorney Marvin Stender points out, "in the prosecution's pocket."


-- 7 --


THE BLACK PANTHER has received more information detailing the brutal treatment and unjust frame-ups prison inmates in Mt. Meigs Medical and Diagnostic Center, Atmore and Holman State Prisons are subject to. The following article was written by an "Inmates For Action" reporter in one of these Alabama prisons.

(Montgomery, Alabama) - On April 27, 1973, Brother Larry Williams, a prisoner at Atmore Prison/Plantation farm was attacked by three racist guards, and in defense of his life, he stabbed three guards. Such attacks on Black prisoners are a common and daily occurrence. For defending himself against this vicious attack on his life. Brother Larry will be tried for assault with intent to murder.

Every human being has the natural right to self-defense. It violates reason and humanity to expect any sane man to submit docilely to an attack on his life. Brother Larry, has been constantly harassed and threatened by the racist custodians because he is proud and because he has been accused of running a detective down with a car before he was apprehended, convicted and confined in Alabama's (George Wallace's) prison system.

Brother Larry has been outspoken in the defense of his, and other poor and oppressed peoples humanity. However, Brother Larry, is only one of the Brothers who are now awaiting trail on charges that grew out of unprovoked attacks on their lives by racist, sadistic guards.

On January 24, 1973, Brother Joseph (Joe) Smith, was charged with stabbing a guard at Holman Prison (Holman Prison is about 2 miles from Atmore Prison.) And, in 1971, Brother Joe was charged with stabbing two guards. These charges grew out of guard-provoked incidents.

On March 8, 1973, Brother Charlie Bies, was charged with stabbing a guard at Atmore Prison. A pack of cowardly, racist guards attacked Brother Charlie and in the process one of these guards was stabbed.

On three different occasions Brothers Ervin Edwards, Jerome Lowe, Edward Ellis and the Chairman of the IFA (Inmates For Action), R. Lake, Jr. have been charged with assaulting guards. These are just some of the more recent incidents involving situations in which brothers have had to

-- 14 --
physically defend their lives against attacks by guards and then are prosecuted.

There is a silent but grim struggle being waged within the Alabama Prison system that is producing many casualties. This struggle needs the support and solidarity of all poor and oppressed people to expose and correct the situation.

From all over Alabama reports are coming to the IFA of sisters being raped and beaten in the jails of Alabama by depraved and racist custodians and of white prisoners being allowed to leave their jail cells and enter the cells of sisters to rape them. Brothers are likewise being brutalized and degraded by the jail custodians, and backward white prisoners.

The Chairman of the IFA was scheduled to appear before the U.S. (Southern) District Court in Mobile, Alabama, May 7, 1973, at 9:00 a.m., for trial of a suit he has pending against the prison officials. This suit is in regard to prisoners being subjected to abusive language and being constantly called "boy" and sworn at by prison custodians, it also refers to guard-provoked incidents which result in the victimized prisoner being punished.

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Much confusion exists about the current thrust of the Black Panther Party. This confusion arises in part out of an ignorance about the guiding ideology of the Party, In BLACK CAPITALISM REANALYZED, Huey P. Newton brilliantly sets forth fundamental aspects of that ideology through a clear and concise examination of the Party's role in relation to small Black capitalists within the Black community. This is the second of a five part series.


As we focus upon our theoretical analysis of the situation, we can become too abstract and separate from reality; but the people are the reality -- they are more in touch with the reality, and most of the time they reluctantly accept the reality. Then they develop certain defense mechanisms to cope with it and manipulate it, believing that it will be like this all the time with little change.

What they don't realize is that it is changing all the time, sometimes more slowly than at other times, yet the situation is in a constant state of transformation. And the people lack an ideology, or a system of thinking, which will help them to analyze the changes. Therefore this leaves another power and other interests to shape the changes, rather than making the changes subject to the power of the people.

Therefore it is necessary to develop a system of thinking to analyze things, so we can find out what to do in order to produce a change in the desired manner and direction. Panther ideology is based upon dialectical materialism, which holds that contradictions are the ruling principle of the universe. That is, all phenomena, all social forces have both a positive and negative quality, which are constantly struggling with each other for dominance. These opposing qualities are unified within the same phenomena. It is this unity of the opposites and their continued struggle which gives motion to matter and maintains the constant state of transformation which produces change.

We recognize that these opposites have a dominant-subordinate relationship to each other. A qualitative transformation occurs when there is a sufficient quantitative increase or decrease in one of these positive and negative or dominant-subordinate qualities. In the inherent struggle of the opposites, in which one of the qualities increases while the other decreases, both forces reach a nodal point and there is a reversal in their dominance. This reversal is a qualitative change.

However, because all phenomena have internal contradictions, a new struggle begins and it will eventually bring a new reversal. This is the nature of the constant state of transformation of material phenomena. Our theoretical analysis of history and the present day has given us a better understanding of the contradictions in all phenomena.

When we attempt to integrate our theory with our practice, we must do so with the fullest understanding of this unity of the opposites which gives motion to matter. What we want to do is develop strategies and programs which use this understanding in the true interests of the exploited and oppressed communities. If power is the ability to define phenomena and then make them act in a desired manner, we must constantly exercise such power in the interests of the people.

First of all we define or identify the positive and negative qualities in all phenomena in our communities. Secondly, we act to increase the positive side of these phenomena and decrease the negative, until we transform the situation by having the positive completely dominate the negative.

This is what revolution is about. Basically, it is a process of struggle between the old and the new, with the new attempting to gain dominance, while the old struggles to maintain control. In moving to direct and control the social forces active in our communities we are guided only by our ideology and the true interests of the people. We are free of any other controls, because we do not have any vested interests in the status quo. Our interest is to serve the people by helping them transform their reality, rather than reluctantly accepting it.


-- 9 --


Two resolutions on Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) were introduced in the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization last week. They are both in response to reports that British leaders are seeking new ways to make legal the rebel "government" of white minority leader Ian Smith in Zimbabwe.

One resolution reaffirms the principle that there should be no grant of independence before majority rule in Zimbabwe. It asks Britain to withhold all attributes of sovereignty from the white minority regime and to bring about conditions in which the people exercise their right to self-determination and independence.

This resolution is in support of the demands of the Zimbabwe people for "one man, one vote". It also supports the Zimbabwe people's demand that the white minority settler Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) be renounced by Britain.

The second resolution would have the United Nations Decolonization Committee deplore Britain's "continued failure to put an end to the illegal racist minority regime in Zimbabwe", and "strongly condemn" South Africa and Portugal for their continued support of the repressive Ian Smith regime. The two resolutions were sponsored by 10 countries; Tanzania, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia.

Representatives of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) and the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) appeared before the Committee and presented evidence of the increasingly harsh repression being inflicted upon the peoples of Zimbabwe by the Smith regime. They charged Britain, the United States and other Western countries with "faint-hearted" support of the trade embargo against Rhodesia recommended by the United Nations, and urged that sanctions be extended to South Africa.

Meanwhile, the case of the Rhodesian journalist Peter Niesewand, widely reported outside the U.S.A., has revealed both the desperation and the fear of the Ian Smith regime. The 28-year-old white Rhodesian was Salisbury (Rhodesia's capital) correspondent for the British Broadcasting

-- 14 --
Corporation, the prestigious British daily The Guardian and other media. After a secret trial, Niesewand was convicted in a Rhodesian court of publishing information judged helpful to Rhodesia's "enemies", meaning the Zimbabwe guerrillas.

Among materials left with us by Zimbabwe Brother Kumbirai Kangai, are reprints of published reports by Peter Niesewand that appeared in The Guardian newspaper. These reports, did contain detailed information about the armed operations of ZANU guerrillas in various parts of Zimbabwe, revealing to the world some measure of the scope and effectiveness of the guerrilla warfare; information the Smith regime would rather the world not know.

Niesewand's conviction was overturned by an appeal panal of three, on the decision that the Smith regime had failed to prove the Niesewand reports were, in fact, useful to Rhodesia's "enemies". That such reports embarrassed Rhodesia politically did not justify conviction, the appeal court found.

Overturning of the conviction, however, did not guarantee Niesewand's release. Under Rhodesia's emergency powers he could be held indefinately and the courts could not force his release. However, last week Niesewand was released on condition that he leave Rhodesia permanently.


-- 9 --


(Rapid City, S.D.) - The people of the Oglala Sioux Nation at Wounded Knee have succeeded in compelling the U.S. government to agree to discuss the Treaty of 1868, which has been consistently violated since its signing.

This is the major accomplishment of the agreement reached this week between American Indian Movement (AIM) leaders and U.S. Justice and Interior Department representatives, if implemented, it represents a victory for justice won by the Defenders of Wounded Knee.

Norton Tooby of the Wounded Knee Legal Defense Committee located at Rapid City, told THE BLACK PANTHER on the day the agreement was announced that discussions on the 1868 treaty are to be held sometime during the third week of May between representatives of the Oglala Sioux nation and the United States of America.

The agreement also stipulates that the Justice Department will investigate the puppet tribal government established by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and prosecute anyone found to have been violating the rights of the Oglala Sioux people.

In return, the Oglala Sioux Nation agrees to surrender all weapons on Wednesday, May 9, to representatives of the U.S. government. The U.S. agrees to return all legal weapons, i.e. those whose ownership can be established, to their owners within 24 hours after they have been handed over on May 9.

Further, all inhabitants of Wounded Knee are to be screened, finger printed and definitely identified. Those with warrants already issued against them are to be taken into custody, transported to Rapid City and arraigned before the Federal Court here. New indictments may be handed down and new arrests may be made.

The agreement also stipulates that all parties in the area are to have freedom of movement throughout the area. However, Mr. Tooby expressed the fear that of the 180 persons now in Wounded Knee, between 100 and 150 are expected to be arrested, taken into custody and arraigned before the courts. Their release will depend on the payment of bail, if bail is imposed.

The agreement allows for a search of Wounded Knee by officials of the U.S. government to determine if all guns, firearms and ammunition is accounted for. Mr. Tooby cautioned that his greatest fear was that the government would renege on its agreement to return the arms to legal owners within the 24 hour period agreed upon.

Mr. Tooby told THE BLACK PANTHER that his information was not complete because the negotiations had been underway inside Wounded Knee and he had received his information in Rapid City by phone from Wounded Knee.

The demand of the Oglala Sioux Nation that the U.S. government agree to discuss the Treaty of 1868, has been central from the inception of the Wounded Knee movement. It was

-- 12 --
the U.S. government's insistance that surrender of arms and submission to arrests preceed any consideration of such a discussion that made impossible the implementation of the first Wounded Knee agreement.

The fear expressed by Norton Tooby is clearly justified. Defenders and observers of the Wounded Knee movement should be prepared for some provocation or staged incident by the enemies of the Wounded Knee movement, that would be used by the U.S. government to justify its refusal to return the legally owned arms to the Oglala Sioux Nation defenders.

Just before news of this new agreement broke, the George Jackson People's Free Health Clinic, a community survival project of the Black Panther Party in Berkeley, California had forwarded a shipment of medical supplies for the besieged Oglala Sioux Nation. We urge all friends and supporters of the Oglala Sioux people to continue their support in all ways for the people of Wounded Knee, the Oglala Sioux Nation and all Native American people engaged in this noble struggle for justice and self-determination.

-- 10 --


Along with selling poisoned lettuce to the consumer, Safeway Stores Inc. was recently discoverd to have been willfully and knowingly mislabeling meat cuts, which has resulted in Safeway consumers being defrauded tens of millions of dollars annually.

In a recent article, The Consumer and Farm Worker Reporter states that Safeway's meat cut switch costs consumers $85 million yearly. The publication also informs us that Safeway has been hit with a $36 million class action lawsuit for the meat fraud, filed by the Interfaith Committee to Aid Farm Workers, a Los Angeles based organization with over 200 ministers, priests, rabbis and lay persons as members. They are supported in their suit by two United States Congressmen and a California State Senator.

In a press conference, the Rev. Wayne C. Hartmire and Kenneth Doyle, an investigator for the Consumer Fraud Task Force of the Interfaith Committee, selected several samples from the mislabled meat cuts they had brought with them. "At a time when meat prices are at an all time high," Rev. Hartmire said, "Safeway customers get a double dose of misery. They pay premium prices for their meat and all too often end up with cuts that are tougher and fatter than Safeway labels led them to believe they ware purchasing."

Safeway was charged with selling club steaks as T-bones at 10 cents per pound premium; mislabeling swiss steaks as round steak for an extra profit of ten cents per pound; and selling beef liver as calf liver, overcharging customers by 60 to 70 cents per pound.

The Rev. Fred Eysten, Director of the Consumer Fraud Task Force of the Interfaith Committee, in capsulizing charges against Safeway Stores Inc. said, "…Safeway has engaged in one of the most glaring, nation - wide consumer frauds ever perpetrated. They must be stopped."

-- 10 --


Richard Nixon last week threatened the Vietnamese people with renewed aggression for alleged violations of the Paris Agreement on vietnam. He did not bother to detail those alleged violations. But, a statement issued recently by the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam carefully detailed the Saigon regime's blatant violations of that part of the Paris Agreement that provides for the return of captured and detained civilian personnel.

The statement pointed out that the Saigon administration claims that the number of detained and captured civilian Vietnamese personnel does not exceed 5,081. But in fact hundreds of thousands of persons in more than 1,000 public and secret prisons across South Vietnam are being held by the Thieu regime.

"At present", the statement says, "the Saigon administration is detaining nearly 10,000 persons in Con Son prison in Thu Duc prison, from 6,000 to 10,000 persons in Tan Hiep prison and 3,000 persons in the National Police prisons…In addition 60 big provincial prisons are detaining from 1,000 to 3,000 persons each. At present 3,500 inmates are kept in Thua Phu and Mang Ca jail (Hue)…"

At a recent meeting of the Central Two - Party Joint Military Commission the representative of the Revolutionary Government stressed in his statement the urgency of the problem of the refusal of Saigon to return detained civilian personnel.

Since early February the U.S. has carried out daily bombing raids in Cambodia, in direct violation of the Paris Agreement. These raids have been some of the heaviest raids in history of the Indochina war with the U.S. using as many as 120 B-52s per day. Reports from Phnom Penh say that the imprecision in U.S. bombing in Cambodia is even greater than it was in Vietnam causing high civilian casualities.

The U.S. has introduced more than 10,000 military advisors and technicians under the guise of "civilian advisors," in direct violation of the Paris Agreement. The U.S. suspended mine clearing operations on April 19, even though the Paris Agreement obligated the U.S. to clear the harbors.

On April 20, the U.S. resumed flying reconnaissance missions over North Vietnam in what it called a policy decision to violate the agreement in order to put pressure on North Vietnam.

-- 10 --


A "Yes" vote on Measure A, the "Quake Safe" Municipal Bond measure on the May 15th ballot, will authorize the issuance and sale of $43 million in bonds to provide for the repair, reconstruction or replacement of school buildings considered structurally unsafe in the event of an earthquake. Not only will a "No" vote mean the failure to authorize the bond issuance and sale, it also will force the transfer of over 23,000 Oakland school children, thus perpetuating and increasing overcrowded classrooms and negatively affecting the quality of education within our city.

State law requires all school districts to close all unsafe school buildings by June 30, 1975. Passage of Measure A will raise to an adequately sound and safe level, all or portions of three senior high schools, eight junior high schools, sixteen elementary schools and two special schools. Vote "YES" on Measure A.

-- 11 --



The Wall St. Journal reports that a newly formed "Citizen's for Nixon" committee has hired a New York advertising firm to run a campaign to repeal the 22nd amendment which limits any one person from serving more than two consecutive terms as President. Their objective: eight more years, or more, for Nixon. The committee hopes to raise $4 million for the effort. The names of the committee are top secret.


U.S. District Court Judge David Williams, a Black man, has ordered the Navy and Marine Corps to immediately release from brigs around the world some 1,500 enlisted men convicted in summary courts-martial who were not permitted counsel. The judge ordered that courts - martial without defense lawyers being present was illegal because it violated the right of the accused to counsel. He ordered that they stop being held.


The Australian Post Office has cut off telephone telecommunications and mail services from the Rhodesian Information Center in Sydney. Postmaster General Nigel Bowen, who ordered the withdrawal of services, said the decision was taken in view of Rhodesia's illegal regime. This decision followed an investigation of the center.


Palestinian commandos said last week they had foiled an Israeli landing attempt in the Tyre area of south Lebanon. The Israeli attempt to land, six gunboats, reinforced by two helicopters, took place near the Rashidiya camp for Palestine refugees and was repelled by heavy commando fire.


Johnny Meadows told a district court judge in Dallas, Texas, last week that Tom Baker, an investigator for the Ector County District Attorney's office, a former deputy sheriff in Dallas and several other men branded his back with an outline of the map of Texas and the four initials, C. M.G.S., the first letter of the last names of four women murder victims. Meadows, who is charged with the murder of two of the women, testified at a hearing that he had signed statements after being drugged and coerced by law officers.


-- 11 --


(Yellow Springs, Ohio) - Protesting President Nixon's proposed higher education budget cutbacks aimed at low income and non-white students, Antioch College's low and middle income financial aid students are presently on strike. All regular classes, administrative functions and campus activities have been brought to a halt as the students organize to insure their educational future, seriously threatened by Nixon's racist cutback program. The proposed fund slashes would affect 1,100 of 4,400 Antioch students.

Low income students first arrived at Antioch's campus in July, 1970, as part of the newly conceived New Directions program. Manifested as Antioch's form of committment to low income and non-white student education, New Directions was to have provided dental, optical and book funds, along with counseling and guidance services. New Directions students are from working class backgrounds, the children of non-professional, industrial, and agricultural workers or the workers themselves.

Traditional standards would identify them as "high risk" students. Their ages are not necessarily in the traditional college age group. They are students who will be agents of "fundamental social change". The first 145 penniless New Directions students found that the program did not live up to its committment. Supportive services and remedial academic programs were lacking. The result has been a series of student strikes which have succeeded in wresting the necessary funds from the administration.

Out of previous struggles of poor students grew the Institute for the Study of Social Problems, now official strike headquarters. The administration building is now an educational center dealing with social conditions in the country in relation to Antioch's situation and with the Nixon cutback crisis. National figures are being sought to participate in the program. The United Electrical Workers Local 767, representing the college workers, is honoring all picket lines.

Continuation of the New Directions is threatened by Nixon's cutbacks. Lack of a solution to insure fund coverage of cutback areas by Antioch President James P. Dixon is evidence that low income and non-white education has lost the originally agreed upon priority.

This statement by the National Publicity Committee for Support is incisive:

"Antioch advertises itself as one of the most progressive institutions committed to social change. Indeed, in many respects this is true. But, all too frequently rhetoric outstrips reality. Without doubt, New Directions is the most substantive of Antioch's progressive programs. It must be preserved. Social change includes education for all, not only those who can afford it. Our struggle is only one small part of the struggle that has to be waged to insure the right of every person to decent, creative lives."

In asking for national support to draw attention to this nationwide problem, Antioch's striking students hope to communicate and unify with students across the country, suffering under Nixon's attacks. They also urge students to take positive actions on their respective campuses. Support can be conveyed by writing Antioch President James P. Dixon/Jacoby Road/Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. For further information contact the National Publicity Committee for Support/Antioch Student Mail Room/Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. (513) 767-7331, ext. 588.

-- 12 --


The Samuel Napier Intercommunal Youth Institute is a school designed to help our children think. It is located in the Oakland Bay Area and it points out through example that other schools have provided only the most basic courses; courses that have little relevance to the survival of poor people. We are trying to expand the concept that the whole world is the children's classroom.

The youth at Samuel Napier receive instruction in language arts, mathematics, science, health, physical education, political education and people's art. All of these courses are geared to the development of a well-rounded human being.

We need the help of all interested people in making our school run smoothly. Since its inception in 1970, its enrollment has rapidly increased. We need more instructors; instructors with everchanging ideas to cope with the everchanging ideas of the children.

If you have teaching skills and can donate some of your time, please contact the Black Panther Party at 8501 East 14th Street, Oakland, California; or phone 638-0195. The children, our youth, are our future. Without their growth, we, as a people, cannot survive.


-- 13 --



In last week's issue of THE BLACK PANTHER, in the article, "April 17th: An Election Analysis" (Oakland - A Base of Operation), a precinct map of the city of Oakland and a graph indicating how voters cast their ballots in the April 17th Oakland mayoral election appeared.

The map should have been divided in sections, representing different areas of the city, as was done with the graph. We here print the maps and the graph as they should have appeared last week.

A comparison of the map and graph will show the voter turn-out in the various sections and how Oakland citizens voted for the four leading candidates in the primary election that placed Bobby Seale in the run-off position against incumbent mayor, John Reading. The final election is to take place May 15th.

We apologize for any convenience to our readers.

-- 13 --


AT 7940 E.14th ST

OPEN 6 AM - 2 AM

8 AM - 2 AM





-- 14 --


PRAXIS: The Specifies of Learning And Teaching With Young People

The Center for Open Learning and Teaching is offering a work's workshop in the following areas of practice in the open classroom:

creating your own curriculum materials

making and playing games



physics through making drums and stringed instruments

carpentry for changing environments


different cultural learning styles

collective action by parents and teachers


Herbert Kohl, Ray Nitta, Sharon Nitta, Mal Thoms, Francis Barnes, Cynthia Brown, Maria Grunwadt, Rupert Gopez. John Rosenbaum, Lawrence McGaugh

July 9-13 / Berkeley, Calif.

Please address inquiries to:

The Center for Open Learning and Teaching
178 Tamalpais Road
Berkeley, Calif, 97408

This program will be limited to fifty people who are committed to children in whatever capacity.

-- 15 --


Free Breakfast Program

Provides children a free, hot breakfast every school morning.

People's Free Food Program

Provides free food to Black and other oppressed people.

Liberation Schools

Provides free educational facilities and materials to Black and other oppressed children to promote a correct view of their role in the society.

Intercommunal Youth Institute

Provides Black and other oppressed children with a scientific method of thinking and analyzing things, basic skills for living in the society and a concrete alternative to established learning institutions.

Legal Aid Educational Program

Provides full legal assistance to those involved in legal problems, as well as legal aid classes.

Free Busing to Prisons Program

Provides free transportation to prisons for families and friends of incarcerated men and women.

Free Commissary for Prisoners Program

Provides imprisoned men and women with the funds to purchase necessary commissary items inside the prison.

David Hilliard People's Free Shoe Program

Provides free shoes to the people made at the David Hilliard Free Shoe Factory and elsewhere.

Seniors Against A Fearful Environment (S.A.F.E.) Program

Provides free transportation and escort service for senior citizens to and from community banks the first of each month.

People's Free Community Employment Program

(Being Implemented)

Provides free job-finding services to poor and oppressed people who cannot find work.

People's Free Medical Research Health Clinics

Provides free medical treatment and preventative medical care for the people.

People's Free Plumbing and Maintenance Program

Provides free plumbing and repair services to improve people's housing conditions.

Community Cooperative Housing Program

(Being Implemented)

Provides decent housing, cooperatively owned and managed by the resident families.

People's Sickle Cell Anemia Research Foundation

Instituted to test and establish a cure for Sickle Cell Anemia, to create better educational programs around Sickle Cell Anemia and maintain an advisory committee of doctors already researching Sickle Cell Anemia.

People' Free Clothing Program

Provides new, stylish and quality clothing free to the people.

Intercommunal News Service

Provides news and information about the Black and other oppressed communities throughout the U.S. and the world.

Free Pest Control Program

Free household extermination of rats, roaches, ants and other disease carrying pests and rodents.

People's Free Ambulance Service

(Being Implemented)

Provides free, 24-hour speedy transportation to people in need of emergency medical care.

People's Free Dental Program

(Being Implemented)

Provides free dental check-ups and treatment for the people, as well as an educational program for dental hygiene and preventative dental care.

People's Free Optometry Program

(Being Implemented)

Provides free eye examinations, treatment and eye correctional equipment (glasses, etc.) for the people.

-- [16] --