alfred francis Russell was born in Kentucky and moved to Liberia in 1833. Vice President of Liberia from 1878 to 1883. Became President in 1883.jpg

aug wash Stephen Allen Benson, head-and-shoulders portrait, three-quarters to the left 2nd pres liberia.jpg

augustus washington Second president of Liberia.jpg

augustus washington Unidentified woman, probably a member of the Urias McGill family, three-quarter length portrait, holding daguerreotype case.jpg

Betty Easton 1855 Sixth Plate Daguerreotype.jpg

Beverly Page Yates vp liberia.jpg

Boy in Fine Clothes 1850 Ninth Plate Dag.jpg

Boy in Spindle Chair 1860 Sixth Plate Ambrotype.jpg

C. H. Hicks. Eng. Clerk of the Hs. of Rep.jpg

chancy brosn Sargeant at Arms of the Liberian Senate.jpg

Ed. Morris, Senator from Sinoe County.jpg

Edward J. Roye liberian senator.jpg

Fireman and Bride 1860 Quarter Plate Tintype.jpg

James B. Yates Sect. of the Senate in 1857.jpg

James M Priest three quarter length portrait, full face, seated at desk Vice pRES third president of Liberia 1867.jpg

James Skivring Smith secty Liberia.jpg

jane roberts Wife of President of Liberia, Joseph Jenkins Roberts.jpg

John Hanson, Senator from Bassa Co..jpg

Joseph Jenkins Roberts liberia vice colonial governor.jpg

Mammy & Child-1850-Quarter plate Dag.jpg

Man in White Vest1860Sixth Plate Dag.jpg

Man with Amiable Smile1860Sixth Plate Tintype.jpg

Mother & Daughter1860Sixth Plate Ambrotype.jpg

Nurse & Young Child n1850 Sixth Plate Dag.jpg

Philadelphia Man1860Sixth Plate Ambrotype.jpg

philip coker Chaplain of the Senate of Liberia.jpg

Portrait of a Young Man 1855 Sixth Plate Dag.jpg

Postmortem Portrait of a Child 1855 57 Sixth Plate Dag.jpg

r. mcgill Hall Free School at Cape Palmas.jpg

Seated Black Woman 1855 60 Sixth Plate Ambrotype.jpg

Sitting Man 1865 Sixth Plate Tintype.jpg

Slave and Child 1848 Sixth Plate Dag.jpg

Stephen Allen Benson libeerian 2nd pres.jpg

Stoic Man 1860 Ninth Plate Ambrotype.jpg

The Wedding Scene 1860 Half Plate Tintype.jpg

Unidentified man with beard, half length portrait, full face by augustus washington Library of congress.jpg

Unidentified man with moustache.jpg

Unidentified man, half length portrait, full face liberia.jpg

Unidentified man.jpg

Unidentified man1.jpg

Unidentified man2.jpg

Unidentified man3.jpg

Unidentified man4.jpg

Unidentified man5.jpg

Urias McGill, merchant of Monrovia augutus washington.jpg

Venerable Elder 1860 Ninth Plate Ambrotype.jpg

Well-Dressed Young Boy 1857 58 Sixth Plate Dag.jpg

Woman Wearing Bonnet 1850 Sixth Plate Dag.jpg