Slave Sales and Auctions African Coast and the Americas

Advertisement for Slave Sale, 18th cent.jpg

Advertisement for Slave Sale, Charleston, South Carolina, late 18th cent.jpg

Advertisement for Slave Sale, Georgia, 1860.jpg

Advertisement for Slave Sale, New Orleans, May 13, 1835.jpg

Advertisement of Slave Dealer, Charleston, South Carolina, 1835.jpg

Advertisements for Slave Sale and Return of Fugitives, Georgia, 1774.jpg

African Merchant Selling Slaves to a European, no date.jpg

African Slave Trader, Angola, 1855.jpg

Branding an Enslaved Woman, 19th cent..jpg

Branding an Enslaved Woman, no date.jpg

Branding Slaves, 19th cent.jpg

Buying Slaves, Havana, Cuba, 1837.jpg

Coffle of Enslaved, Washington, D.C., 1840s.jpg

Enslaved African in Barracoon, 1880s.jpg

Enslaved Africans Landed at American Port.jpg

Enslaved Africans Landed at Jamestown, Virginia, 1619.jpg

Europeans Buying Enslaved Africans, 19th cent.jpg

Europeans Buying Enslaved Africans, late 18th cent.jpg

Europeans Purchasing a Slave Woman, late 18th cent..jpg

Europeans Purchasing Enslaved African, 1790s.jpg

Examining a Slave for Sale, Virginia, 1830.jpg

Holding Pen or Cells for Slaves Awaiting Sale, Alexandria, Virginia, 1863.jpg

Internal Slave Trade, Brazil, 1830s.jpg

Internal Slave Trade, Staunton, Virginia, 1853.jpg

Internal Slave Trade, U.S., ca. 1830.jpg

Kidnapping a Free Person to Sell as a Slave, U.S. South, 1830s.jpg

Landing Slaves at a Brazilian Port, 1830s.jpg

Metal Branding Irons with Owners' Initials.jpg

mother and her daughter on the auction block.jpg

Newly Arrived Enslaved Africans, Surinam, 1770s.jpg

Newly Enslaved Africans, Brazil, 1830s.jpg

Notice of Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1823.jpg

Poster Announcing Sale and Rental of Slaves, U.S. South, 1829.jpg

Recently Arrived Enslaved Africans, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1819 1820.jpg

Sale of a Slave Woman and Her Children, Surinam, 1839.jpg

Sale of Enslaved Africans and Transport to Slave Ship, mid-18th cent.jpg

Slave Auction poster Charlestown.jpg

Slave Auction, Charleston, South Carolina, 1856.jpg

Slave Auction, Christiansburg, Virginia, 1850s.jpg

Slave Auction, New Orleans, 1839.jpg

Slave Auction, New York City New Amsterdam.jpg

Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1830s.jpg

Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1850s.jpg

Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1861.jpg

Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1862.jpg

Slave Auction, U.S. South, 1861.jpg

Slave Auction, U.S. South, ca. 1840s.jpg

Slave Auction, U.S. South, mid-19th cent..jpg

slave auction.jpg

Slave Auction1.jpg

Slave Barracoon, Congo, 1880s.jpg

Slave Barracoon, Sierra Leone, 1840s.jpg

Slave Coffle, Near Paris, Kentucky, 1850s.jpg

Slave Coffle, Virginia, 1839.jpg

Slave Coffle, Washington, D.C., ca. 1819.jpg

Slave Dealer, Alexandria, Virginia, 1863 or 1865.jpg

Slave Market in Zanzibar, East Africa, 1873.jpg

Slave Market on the African Coast, early 18th cent..jpg

Slave Market on the Gambia River, ca. 1833.jpg

SLave Market Prof. G. Ebers Pictureseque Egypt Vol II 1878.jpg

Slave Market, Brazil, 1830s.jpg

Slave Market, French West Indies early 19th cent..jpg

Slave Market, Muscat Oman, 1840s.jpg

Slave Market, Pernambuco, Brazil, 1820s.jpg

Slave Market, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1819-1820.jpg

Slave Market, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1820s.jpg

Slave Market, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1830s.jpg

Slave Market, Zanzibar, 1877.jpg

Slave Sale, French West Indies, early 19th cent..jpg

Slave Sale, Richmond, Virginia, 1861.jpg

Slave Trading on African Coast, 19th cent.jpg

Slave Trading Station, Mozambique, 1850.jpg

Slaves Awaiting Sale, New Orleans, 1861.jpg

Slaves Taken to Lower South from Virginia, 1862.jpg

Slaves Waiting for Sale, Richmond, Virginia, 1861.jpg

Slaves Waiting to be Sold, Richmond, Virginia, 1850s.jpg